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Parks and Botanical Gardens: Uji Park

Uji Park

A stage upon which history is made

Uji is a town in which the vestiges of its vast history as a location for the Heian nobles’ villas and the stage of battles are set in stone. The area of Uji Park in particular has many beautiful places and historical sites such as the Byodoin (a world cultural heritage stite) and Ujigami shrine, where Uji’s unique charms can be strongly felt.

Uji Park consists of the islands of Tonoshima and Tatibanajima, which lie on the Uji River, and Yorimishi Park, which lies on the west shore of the Uji River. The shores of Uji River, Tonoshima and Tachibanajima are connected through Kisenbashi Bridge, Tachibanabashi Bridge, Asagiribashi Bridge, and Nakajimabashi Bridge. Tourists and residents relax and stroll in this area. Many events are also held here such as the ’Sakura-Matsuri’ in the spring, the ’Hanabi-Taikai’ in the summer, and the ’Uji Denraku matsuri’ and ’Cha matsuri’ in the fall.


Uji, Uji-shi


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