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Please be cautious of quake-related scams.

Many people become victims of disaster-related scams right after a huge earthquake occurs. These practices are not limited to the affected areas, but also extend to the surrounding regions.

There are a variety of scams such as offers of earthquake-resistance evaluation and reinforcement work. There are also scams soliciting people to install solar power panels out of fear of possible blackout. There are also many cases of chain email used to swindle people out of donation money.

If you were defrauded or believe you may have been contacted by a fraudulent business, please immediately consult the following:

Kyoto Prefectural Consumer Affairs Safety Center
Consumer Hotline (Tel. 0570-064-370) (Japanese)
Police (#9110) or your nearest police station

Also, please make sure that your donations will be sent to reliable organizations and their account numbers are authentic.


About Chain Letters

Inaccurate information regarding the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake is currently being sent via e-mail chain letters and posted on message boards and blogs. Please confirm the accuracy of information using reliable sources such as trustworthy news outlets and government websites, and do not let yourself get confused by unreliable sources such as chain letters. Forwarding chain letters can needlessly stir up unease. If you receive a chain letter, please delete it and do not forward it. 


For further information:

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan website (Japanese):http://www.kokusen.go.jp/soudan_now/data/sn-20110314.html(External link)
Kyoto Prefecture Homepage:http://www.pref.kyoto.jp
Kyoto Prefecture Consumer Affairs Consultation (Japanese):http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/shohise/15400137.html