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Kurama & Kibune

This course leads you through the valleys of Kyoto from Kurama-dera Temple to Kibune-jinja Shrine. You take the Eizan Railways train from Demachi Yanagi up to Kurama Station. Here, the souvenir stalls are decorated with images of a strange goblin-like creature or Tengu, standing out alongside rows of quiet rustic dwellings. Continue along the narrow old streets and into the trees up to Yuki-jinja Shrine, where on October 22 the area comes to life for the sparkling Kurama Fire Festival-one of Kyoto's most famous. You continue hiking on upwards, following a beautiful trail up to Kurama-dera Temple. On the way down, stop at the small Oku-no-in Maoden Temple before continuing to Kibune-jinja Shrine, dedicated to the God of Water, the deity worshipped for centuries by farmers. If you are feeling tired, there's a bus that will take you to Kibune, up to Kibune-guchi.

On your way back, you stop off at Kurama Onsen (hot spring), where you can soak in the open-air bath while gazing at the misty Kurama mountains in the distance. Around you, weary hikers relax in contented silence before returning home.


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