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Tamba (Central mountain area)

Tamba Region

This mountainous region, forming the “Roof of KyotoE divides Kyoto Prefecture. Valleys, valley streams and waterfalls are plentiful here, as well wide-open highlands. The region is blessed by primeval forests and verdant nature. In the south stretch plains, and the Kameoka valley and other areas are arable land. The northern part of Tamba is rather chilly, and especially in the winter much snow collects in the mountains. Southern Tamba has a relatively warm clime, but the daily and yearly temperature ranges are quite different, and there is a lot of rainfall. From autumn to winter the plains regions are susceptible to thick fog, and daylight hours can be short. Rice growing, Kyoto brand vegetable production, and floriculture is prospering. Representative Kyoto products such as Kitayama cedar, matsutake mushroom, Tamba chestnut, and shiitake are also grown here.

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