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Tango (North seaside area)

Tango Region

This region of Kyoto Prefecture is unique in that it faces the sea. Its deeply indented coastline is its defining trait, and the Port of Maizuru is Kyoto’s gateway to the Japan sea. From spring to autumn, clear skies prevail and the weather is pleasant. While its summers are cool and relatively easy to cope with, as autumn deepens and rainy days grow more frequent, a special weather phenomenon called uranishi, or changeable weather, occurs. Winters are cold and downpours common. Rice, wheat, and beans are grown here, and dairy farming and the fishing industry (bottom trawling, net and line fishing, and shellfish collection) thrive. The legends of Tsumadoi of Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three most scenic spots, Hagoromo of Mt. Isanago, and Onitaiji of Tateiwa Rock, and many other traditional stories abound. Numerous natural hot springs and famous water sources, such as of isoshimizu water, flow in this region as well.

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