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Kyoto Prefecture Educational Tour Guide

Why do so many people visit Kyoto?

They visit because Kyoto is a vibrant city, rich in history, culture, world heritage sites and traditional handicrafts, as well as subcultures, universities and cutting-edge technologies. In Kyoto, there are plenty of clues to learning about Japan; indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that Kyoto is the gateway to learning about Japan. We await you here in Kyoto.

Come on and make friends!


Kyoto Prefecture Access Map p.1-2(PDF format:1,649KB)
International Exchange with Local Schools in Kyoto Prefecture p.3-4(PDF format:1,194KB)
Cultural Experience and Sightseeing Guide
Tango Area
Tamba Area
Yamashiro Area
Keihanna Gakken-toshi
Kyoto City Area

p.5-6(PDF format:2,800KB)
p.7(PDF format:1,639KB)
p.8-9(PDF format:4,353KB)
p.10(PDF format:2,717KB)
p.11-13(PDF format:4,499KB)
World Cultural Heritages p.14(PDF format:1,969KB)

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