Traditional events

Traditional events (Kyoto city)

Gion Matsuri

Gion FestivalGion Festival

This festival originated during the outbreak of a pestilence in 869, when the people prayed to the deity of Gion - jinja Shrine, Susano-onomikoto, to rid the land of the pestilence. The festival lasts for about one month. The highlight is the Yamaboko Float Parade on the 17th. Thirty-two of these floats leave Shijo Karasuma at 9:00 in the morning and travel down Shijo-dori to Kawaramachi-dori, then to Oike-dori.

Date :
July 1∼31
Place :
Yoiyama : Near Shijo Karasuma

Yamaboko float course: Shijo Karasuma to Kawaramachi-dori to Oike-dori to Shinmachi-dori

Access :
To get to Shijo Karasuma take the Municipal Subway Line to Shijo Station.
Information :
Gion Festival Support Association 075-561-6155

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