Traditional events

Traditional events (Kyoto city)

Kitano Odori (Kitano Dance)

Kitano Odori (Kitano Dance)

This is a performance of the Kamishichiken-kabukai. The rehearsal club that used to meet at Iwagami-za Theater at Kamidachiuri-Seifuku - ji Temple moved to the Kitano Club in 1902. This performance was officially begun jointly in 1952 by the Kitano Club and the Mando Club in commemoration of the 1,050th anniversary of Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine. The performance excels from the fact that it is both elite and tasteful.

Date :
March 25∼April 7
Place :
Kamishichiken-kaburen-jo Theater
Access :
4-minute walk from Kitano Tenman-gu-mae stop on the City Bus line

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