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Kontai - ji Temple

This old temple, located on Mt. Jyubu, was built 1,300 years ago. It is said that during the halcyon days of the Heian Period more than fifty buildings were constructed here. Most of the temple was destroyed by fire during the wars of the Kamakura Period. The only thing left from that time is the Taho Pagoda. The buildings have been reconstructed within the elegant precincts, producing the tranquil atmosphere of a mountain temple. In olden times this temple belonged to the Tendai Sect. However, during the Period of Civil Wars it changed to the Shingon Sect, to which it has belonged ever since. This temple contains one Buddhist images which are designated as Important Cultural Property.

Address :
Jyuubuzan, Harayama, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun
Inquiry Ichigonji 075-571-0011
Open :
Access :
JR Kansai Main Line to "Kamo". Nara Koutu bus to "Harayama".
Fee :
Precincts Entrance Fee: Free
Temple Entrance Fee: 300 yen

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