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Obakusan Manpuku - ji Temple

Manpuku - ji Temple was established by the Chinese Zen priest Ingen during the beginning of Edo Period. The temple retains its original appearance as when established. Since this is the main temple of the Obaku Sect, which was started by the famous Chinese priest, the precincts are designed in the Chinese style. Beyond the main temple gate are Chinese-style buildings, so that it seems to the visitor that he or she is in China. Also at Manpuku - ji Temple the visitor can enjoy Fucha-ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) and practice zazen and hand - copying of a sutra. Obaku is one of the three great Zen sects of Japan. (The other two are Rinzai and Soto.)

Address :
Gokasho, Sanbanwari, Uji City
Telephone :
Open :
9:00am - 4:30pm
Access :
JR Nara Line to "Obaku". Keihan Uji line to "Obaku"
Fee :
500 yen

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