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Taka - jinja Shrine

The forest in which Taka - jinja Shrine is located has been chosen as one of the "Kyoto Hyakkei" (One Hundred Famous Views of Kyoto). The shrine sits quietly deep within the forest. It is said to have been moved to its present spot in 731 by Minister of the Left Tachibananomoroe. The main shrine was built during the Momoyama Period. This charmingly decorated building is of a striking Momoyama-style design. The nearby Minamitani River is home to fireflies, an attraction of early summer.

Address :
1 Tennouzan, Taga, Ide-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto
Telephone :
Open :
Access :
JR Nara Line to "Yamashiro-taga".
Fee :

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