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Kamigamo - jinja Shrine (Kamowakeikazuchi - jinja Shrine)

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Although it is uncertain in what year this shrine was established, after the founding of the Heian-kyo capital, Kamowakeikazuchi - jinja shrine attracted worshippers from the Imperial Court as a guardian shrine. The Main Shrine building (Honden) and the Associate Shrine building (Gonden), both National Treasures, are built in the style of Heian Period architecture. In addition are 34 other buildings, all designated as Important Cultural Properties. In ancient times Kamowakeikazuchi jinja was known as the family shrine of the powerful Kamo clan of Yamashiro. This shrine, together with Kamomioya Shrine (Shimogamo Shrine), is also known simply as Kamo Shrine. A stream runs through the precincts, which contain ancient trees. Two tatezuna (sand delta cones) in front of the hosodono building contribute to an atmosphere of mystical and ancient purity as the place where the deity descends.

Address :
339 Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto City
Telephone :
Access :
Take city bus to Kamigamojinja Mae, or Kamigamo misonobashi
Open :
All day
Fee :

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