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Byodo - in Temple

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Byodo - in Temple, formerly the villa of Fujiwara-no-Michinaga, was converted into a temple by his son, the Kanpaku (Imperial Regent), Fujiwara-no-Yorimichi, in 1052, during the glory period of the Fujiwara family. Phoenix Hall (Ho-o-do), an Amida Buddha hall, was built in the following year. A National Treasure, it is the only building dating back to the time of the temple's establishment. Its graceful appearance conjures up a paradise dreamed of by the Heian aristocracy. The garden, designated as a special place of scenic beauty, is a relic of the Heian Period. This majestic garden centers around Phoenix Hall, Ajiike Pond and incorporates the surrounding natural scenery, including the clear water of the Uji River and the mountains in front. The garden was a favorite among the aristocracy.

Address :
16 Renge, Uji, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Telephone :
Access :
Get off at JR Uji Station or Keihan Uji Station
Open :
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Fee :
600 yen (include admission to Hoshokan) No admission to Hououdo due to repair work onamitabha Buddha statues until August 2005.

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