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About KYOTO Trip+

About KYOTO Trip+ - Multilingual tourist and disaster preparedness information app for Kyoto

~Providing multilingual tourist and disaster preparedness information for Kyoto tailored to users' preferences~

KYOTO Trip+ is a smartphone app for international and domestic tourists as well as residents in Kyoto Prefecture. It provides tourist and disaster preparedness information in multiple languages that can be set to users' preferences. This app was developed by Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City after having been selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as a body that develops and embodies the regional management comprehensive support cloud computing model project.

1 Key functions of the app


  • Tourist information
  • Information on sightseeing spots, events, hotels, shopping areas and restaurants in Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Introducing sightseeing routes based on themes.
  • Disaster preparedness announcements 
  • Prompt push notifications of weather alerts, special warnings, evaucation information, etc. issued in Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Disaster preparedness information relevant to the user by setting push notifications based on region and level. Push notifications can also be switched off. Go to Settings > Other  to change preferences.
  • Transport information
  • Information on sightseeing facilities, etc. is also shared on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Multilingual interface(Information is provided in 5 languages: Japanese, English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean.)


2 Usage costs

Free of charge (data usage costs will comply with individual personal data plans)

3 Compatible smartphones and operating systems

iOS 6.0 and up, Android 4.0 and up

Please install the app from the iTunes App Store (external link) for iOS devices and from Google Play (external link) for Android devices.