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Opening of the Kyoto Tourist Information Center (KyoNavi)

This center offers travelers the benefits of multi-lingual guidance and information on prefectural sightseeing all in one convenient location.

Location and Telephone Number

-TEL: 075-343-0548
-Location: 2nd Floor of the Kyoto Station Building on the north-south walkway
-Size: about 280 square meters


8:30 am – 7:00 pm (365 days per year)

Main Features

1. Guidance and Consultation
-Available in person or by telephone
-Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese spoken
-Can also respond to the needs of group travelers (school trips, etc.)
2. Information Services
-Tourism pamphlets and other information
-Promotional displays by businesses
-Information services in many languages and high-tech electronic posters
3. Tourism-related Ticket Sales
-Ticket sales for public transportation and events
4. Referral and procurement of accommodations