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Copyright and Links


All information on the Kyoto Prefecture web site (text, photographs, illustrations, etc) cannot be copied and used except for cases permitted according to the Copyright Law such as ’copy for private use’ and ’quotation’.


You are free to link tothe Top Page of the Kyoto Prefecture web site( in each language.

You don’t need to provide notice in advance when you link. However, you have to instruct the URL source to link to (If the link is not proper, it may be rejected.)

You should not display the content of this site in the frame.

For matters regarding the links to each site except for the top page, please refer to the Kyoto Prefecture International section (

Kyoto Prefecutural Office: Tel (Key number): 075-451-8111(Japanese Only)

Please use the reference on each site or the reference list for the content inquiry

Web site management

Kyoto Prefecture International section TEL 075-414-4311

(Japanese and English available. Chinese and Korean consultation accepted only with E-mail and fax.)