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Maizuru Port Trade Network

Expanding and making use of Kyoto Maizuru Port’s Trade Network between Russia, Korea, and China

Taking into account the regional characteristics and the transport needs of the people of each trading partner region, Maizuru Port maintains four main shipping lanes: 1) a route to China, which will serve as a core route as China develops as a center of international growth; 2) a route to Korea, which not only offers to deal with regional demand, but also provides many shipping services for port users; 3) a route to Russia, which can respond to Russia’s domestic demand, as well as provide a future connection to a complementary rail link to the rest of Europe; and 4) a route from the Kansai region to Hokkaido, which can meet the human and product transportation needs of the regions. As Kyoto Prefecture’s capacity to internationally transport goods and people increases, Kyoto Prefecture will be increasingly able to compete internationally in the Asian region.


Korea (Busan) Container Route

Regular routes between Maizuru and Korea were established in March 1990, and users have praised these routes for their clear operating schedules and speedy handling of cargo.


One trip per week (arriving and departing every Tuesday)


Heung-A Shipping Co., Ltd

Japanese general agent

San-ei Shipping Co., Ltd

Overseas port


Required time

Exports – 4 days; Imports – 2 days


Can ship to the Asian hub port of Busan
From Busan, goods can be transferred to the rest of the world 

Shipping Schedule

Busan (Sun) -> Kanazawa (Mon) -> Maizuru (Tue) -> Tsuruga (Wed) -> Kanazawa (Thur) -> Sakaiminato (Fri) ->Busan (Sat)


China (Dalian and Tsingtao) Regular Container Routes

This route, which began in April 2007, connects Maizuru to Dalian and Tsingtao in China by a regular container route. The speed and convenience of this route has garnered much attention, and it is widely utilized.


One trip per week (arriving and departing every Saturday)


Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation, Kambara Kisen Company (Hiroshima Prefecture, Fukuyama City)

Overseas ports

Dalian, Tsingtao, Tianjin

Required time

Dalian: 4 days for imports, 10 days for exports
Tsingtao: 4 days for imports, 11 days for exports
Tianjin: 6 days for imports, 8 days for exports


Direct line to the main ports of northern and northeastern China

Shipping Schedule

Tianjin (Sun) -> Dalian (Tue) -> Tsingtao (Wed) -> Maizuru (Sat) -> Niigata (Mon) -> Toyama (Tues) -> Kanazawa (Wed) -> Tianjin (Sun) -> Dalian (Tue) -> Tsingtao (Wed) 

Russian Routes

This route between Nakhodka port plays an important role as a trade connection linking Kyoto’s Maizuru Port to Russia.


About two trips per month

Operator and agent

Nakhodka Route

Overseas port of call


Required time

One week


Regular trips by vessels to Russia

Kansai – Hokkaido Direct Ferry
This large, high-speed ferry that connects passengers from Maizuru Port to Otaru Port in around 20 hours was started in 1970 to usher in a new age for the Sea of Japan. In 2000, this ferry route celebrated its 30th anniversary. Currently, the fastest two high-speed ferries in Japan make seven trips per week, and the importance of the route between Kansai and Hokkaido for tourism and trade is firmly established.

Trip Schedules:

Maizuru -> Otaru Route Schedule

Depart Maizuru-Arrive Otaru (20 hours 15 minutes)
00:30-20:45 (same day)

Otaru -> Maizuru Route Schedule

Depart Otaru-Arrive Maizuru (21 hours 30 minutes)
23:30-21:00 (next day)

Akashia (Ferry)
Hamanasu (Ferry)

Vessel Specifications

Length 224.5 m
Total weight 16,810 tons
Speed 30.5 knots
Capacity 820 people
Vehicle capacity 158 trucks
66 passenger cars

* The operation schedule may change due to weather or other conditions. Please check the operating carriers website for more information.


Please refer to the ’Maizuru Port Promotion Association’ for further details regarding container routes to foreign countries.
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