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Business Promotion: Foreign Capital Invitation Strategy

Kyoto welcomes investment from overseas companies

Kyoto is a world-class innovation center where you will always encounter something different and new. The Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion Committee (Members include Kyoto Prefectural Government, etc) offers support and information about Kyoto to foreign companies, entrepreneurs and researchers to start business in Kyoto.
For more information, please send your inquiries, or visit the following website:外部リンク).

Foreign Companies, Individuals, and Researchers Interested in Kyoto can contact:

Kyoto Industry 21 (public organization); Kyoto Prefecture Overseas Business Support Center
TEL: 075-315-8590
FAX: 075-323-5211


Kyoto Prefecture Department of Commerce, Labor, and Tourism; Overseas Economy Division
TEL: 075-414-4840
FAX: 075-414-4870