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Information for Foreign Students: Friendship Ambassadors

Kyoto Prefecture Friendship Ambassadors


Kyoto Prefecture appoints foreign students who wish to serve as a bridge between Kyoto Prefecture and each region all over the world as ’Honorary Friendship Ambassadors for Kyoto Prefecture’.

  1. Deepen their understanding of Kyoto through participation in observations and studies.
  2. Cooperate in the internationalization of Kyoto prefecture through participation and planning of prefectural and municipal internationalization activities.
  3. After their study period is completed, continue to cooperate in public relations for Kyoto Prefecture and provide information about their local regions.

And otherwise contribute to the planning of projects and promotion of the internationalization of Kyoto Prefecture.


Foreign students in universities and places of higher education in Kyoto Prefecture (based on recommendations by the universities).

Selection Process

Ambassadors are appointed by the governor upon selection by the Kyoto Prefecture Friendship Ambassador Committee.

Number of Assignments?:

Total: 378 ambassadors (175 in Japan, 203 overseas)


During the period of study:

  • Attending to studies and visitation
  • Participation in and cooperation with internationalization events
  • International exchange through the projects and planning by the Ambassadors

After finishing their studies in Kyoto:

  • Public relations between Kyoto Prefecture and their home regions
  • Providing information on each region all over the world
  • Cooperation in international exchange between their home regions and Kyoto Prefecture