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Information for Foreign Students: Prefectural Housing

Kyoto Preferential Housing for Foreign Researchers and Students

1. Focus

Kyoto Prefecture gives priority concerning Kyoto Prefectural Housing to foreign researchers and students, with a view to promoting internationalization and a society which warmly accommodates foreign researchers and students.

2. Targets

The applicants must be foreign researchers and students who belong to a university in Kyoto Prefecture, live with their families, have difficulties in making a living due to low salary and other problems concerning housing issues (difficulties in securing housing, high rent, insufficient facilities, etc).

3. Properties

The properties are mainly prefectural housing in Kyoto City and Southern Kyoto Prefecture. The main focus has been Iwakura and Rakusai area.

4. Application

There are housing offers about 3 times a year.
Please consult with the university section that coordinates foreign students as to the procedure and documents required for application.
Foreign researchers and students can also apply for general housing residence.

5. Reference

Kyoto Prefecture International Affairs Division Planning Section TEL 075-414-4311 Email:
The section that coordinates foreign students at the particular university

※Please contact the Kyoto Prefecture Public Housing (京都府住宅供給公社- Kyoto-fu jutaku kyokyu kosha) about general housing residence. External link )

Securing Housing for Short-stay Foreign Researchers

1. Purpose

High-achieving foreign researchers can contribute to local economies, academia, and culture. In order to aggressively appeal to these researchers and provide a driving force for development to localities, the prefecture helps to secure residence at low prices for short-term researchers (at universities, etc., in principle, for less than one-year) speedily and easily by using prefectural housing, and also works to provide those residences with necessary furnishings and appliances.

2. Residences

Prefectural Housing

3. Applications

For the necessary application forms and instructions, please refer to the section in charge of study-abroad students at your local university.

4. Contact:

Kyoto Foreign Talent Utilization Promotion Council (Kyoto Prefecture International Affairs Division)
TEL: 075-414-4311      Email:


NPO Freedom, Inc    TEL: 075-241-0110    Email:

※Kyoto Prefecture consigns the administration of this scheme to NPO Freedom, Inc.