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Health: Drugs

Drug abuse is out of the question

Drug abuse of narcotics, stimulants and marijuana is a serious problem facing society. And of course, there are strict regulations against drug possession and cultivation.
Many young people try drugs for fun, and may be seduced into drugs, being told that "it won’t hurt to do it just once" or "you can lose weight", etc.

Once you start using drugs, it can be difficult to stop. The more often drugs are taken, the more difficult it becomes to control the amount you use.
Some people commit crimes such as blackmail and burglary to obtain drugs, while others may commit crimes such as assault  and murder owing to hallucination or delusion. Furthermore, it can destroy one’s family or society. Drug abuse, even if just once, is out of the question.

Please understand the dangers of drug abuse and stop the use of recreational drugs.

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