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Child Care: Child Care Support

Child Care Support

Child care support is paid to the mother or father of a child until March 31st following their 18th birthday (until 20 years of age in the case of seriously or moderately disabled children) depending upon income (However, they must be a resident in Japan).

Available for:

  • Children whose parents are divorced
  • Children whose father or mother is dead
  • Children whose father or mother is seriously handicapped
  • Children whose father or mother is missing
  • Children abandoned for 1 year and over by their father or mother
  • Children whose mother is not married at birth
  • Children whose father or mother is imprisoned for 1 year and over

Payment is not available in the following cases

  • Their mother, father or guardian receives public pension or compensation for the bereaved.
  • Children are in child welfare facilities (except for fatherless family support facilities, nursery school, etc).
  • Children received public pension when their parents passed away, or inherited their mother or  father’s public pension.
  • Their mother and father are married (including common-law marriage).
  • More than 5 years have passed between the day the mother qualified for the income requirements and April 1, 2003.

Payment (Case of family with one mother or father and one child)

  • Annual income under 1,300,000 yen: Monthly 41,430 yen
  • Annual income 1,300,000 to 3,650,000 yen: Monthly 9,780 to 41,420 yen

Additional payment for a second child is 5000 yen, every child afterward is 3000 yen.


Applicants need to apply in the nearby town or village office, and be qualified by the governor (the users who live in cities need to apply to the city welfare office and be qualified by the mayor).

Time of Payment

3 times yearly (April, August, December) by bank transfer

Section in charge

Family Assistance Division, TEL: 075-414-4585