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Safety and Disaster Prevention: Role of the Police box

Police boxes ensure local safety

(1) Role of the police box

Police boxes are established as the base for police activities all over Kyoto Prefecture with the aim of maintaining town safety night and day.

Number of police boxes: 191; Police sub-stations: 98 (as of April 2012)

(2) Activities of the police box

In principle, policemen work in shifts in the police box. Some policemen live and work in the sub-stations with their families.


  • Patrols
  • Response to cases, accidents, etc
  • Providing crime prevention guidance through communication patrols and home/workplace visits
  • Listening to residents’ complaints, opinions, demands, etc
  • Acceptance of damage reports
  • Providing directions, acceptance of application for lost and found properties, protecting lost children

(3) Communication Patrols

While on communication patrols, policemen from police boxes and sub-stations provide and distribute information and guidance relating to crime prevention, as well as listen to the concerns, desires, and needs of local residents. These patrols include such things as confirming the safety of residents at times of disasters or emergencies, and taking measures to help ensure a safe and peaceful environment for everyone.

(4) Police Box Consultant

A Police Box Consultant is a former policeman with great knowledge and experience, who patrols and provides services for prefectural residents in the absence of a policeman. Police Box Consultants are currently stationed at 136 police boxes throughout the prefecture.(As of April 2012)

Police Box Consultants:

  • Provide directions and manage lost property
  • Listen to residents’ concerns, opinions, needs, etc
  • Inform policemen of accidents and crimes
  • Accept robbery reports of bicycles and motorcycles
  • Provide crime prevention guidance by telephone to the elderly
  • Provide advice and guidance for local neighborhood watch groups


Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters, Community Affairs Department, Planning Section
Tel 075-451-9111(extension 3523)