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Housing: Information on Public Housing

Information on Public Housing

In order to help provide a safe and secure lifestyle for prefectural residents, Kyoto Prefecture is engaged in efforts to find housing for those in need. This includes high-quality rentable housing prepared by the prefectural, called “tokkochin housing,”  for middle-class families and “tie-up housing”, wherein the prefecture provides subsidies to live in certain private housing projects, etc.

The prefecture will select residents for all prefectural housing options. Those who wish to apply should fill out a housing application form.

Call the prefectural Housing Division for interest in renting public housing besides prefectural housing; they can refer you to other project managers.

TEL: 075-414-5361

Varieties of public housing and their features

1. Prefectural housing

Prefectural housing includes three types of residences: 1) public housing, 2) special prefectural rental housing, and 3) “tokkochin housing ”(designated public rental housing).

1) Public Housing

This type of housing is for low-income residents in particular need of housing. In order to respond to broad demand, Kyoto Prefecture manages large-scale residential complexes and wide-ranging special housing developments.

2) Special Prefectural Rental Housing

These are houses constructed in Kyoto city and the southern region of Kyoto Prefecture between 1965 and 1975. Most of the houses are constructed on large-scale residential complexes.

3) “Tokkochin” Housing

This residential option is aimed at middle-class families. They are constructed on public housing complexes, and rent is decided according to income.

2. Other public housing for rent

’Tie-Up Housing’

This is private housing for middle class households arranged in cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture.
In Kyoto Prefecture, the national designated good-quality housing rental system is called “tie-up housing”.

’Quality Housing for Elderly Residents’

This housing is provided with support from the prefecture and local municipalities and is aimed at residents 60-years old and older. They have been made “barrier free,” and emergency response services are available.



Prefectural housing includes public housing, special prefectural rental housing, and ’Tokkochin Housing’ (specified public housing for rent).
Applicants are qualified to enter according to the specified conditions and their income as follows.

1. Relatives live with the applicant (including common-law marriage and engagement).
With sections of council housing, single people can apply if they qualify for any categories below, (1) - (9). If the applicants have physical or mental disabilities and require permanent assistance, please consult in advance.

  1. Aged people (60 year old and over) (However, as a temporary interim measure, people born before April 2, 1956 may also apply)
  2. Certified disabled (class 1 to 4).
  3. War injury and sickness certification (class: special-kosho to 6th-kosho, or 1st-kansho)
  4. Certified as A-bomb victim by the ministry of Health and Welfare
  5. Receiving livelihood protection benefits
  6. Receiving support benefits
  7. Repatriate (5 years or fewer since they returned home)
  8. Live in a sanatorium for Hansen’s disease
  9. DV victim whose victimizer is applied to a protection order

2. Person clearly struggles to finance their current accommodation

3. Person lives or works in Kyoto Prefecture

4. As a rule, those who own a residence may not apply, but those who will lose their house through sale, etc., may.

5. Please enquire for income requirements.

6. Applicant and accompanying members of the applicant’s family are not members of a criminal organization.

Application (Prefectural Housing and Special Rental Housing)

Concerning the application process
General applications for Prefectural Housing in Kyotanba Town and areas south are scheduled to be accepted around six times per year. For other areas, move-in applications will be accepted twice per year, so please contact the Prefectural Public Housing Corporation. Telephone Service is available, so please feel free to use it as well.

TEL: 075-414-6363 for enquiries regarding Kyoto city, Otokuni, Yamashiro, and Nantan regions

TEL: 0773-64-1881 for enquiries regarding Chutan and Tango regions

The application procedure is as follows.
Applicants need to meet the specified qualifications and income specifications. The process from application to move-in usually takes around 2 months.

Distribution of the recruitment forms (application forms)
The application form is distributed in the housing section, public housing corporation, and the construction housing section of the construction office in each region of Kyoto Prefecture.

Fill out the application form and submit it with necessary documents to the reception desk during the recruitment period.

Public sortition will be taken place and the result is announced. The place of notification is described in the recruitment form.



Those selected will be notified of their status and necessary documents.


Audited by application documents and research.

Selection committee: Candidates for residence will be selected through the audit by Prefecture Housing Resident Selection Committee.

Prospective tenants will be notified.

Residence explanatory meeting
Residence procedures and notes explained.

Keys will be handed over.
Keys will be handed over to the residents after paying rent and deposit, submitting registration and finalizing the contract.

Residents must move in within 15 days of the key being handed over.


  1. Joint Guarantors
    Residents who live in Japan are required two joint guarantors whose income can cover rental fees.
    However, only one joint guarantor is required on the condition that he/she is a resident’s relative (excluding relatives you live with).
  2. Deposit is 3 months of rent.
  3. Residents cannot live with other relatives without notice.
  4. Residents must comply with the regulations of Kyoto Prefectural housing and the guidelines of Kyoto Prefecture.
  5. Residents cannot keep pets.
  6. Submitted documents cannot be returned.

Rent Assistance

For ’Tokkochin Housing’, residents have certain period of rent assistance.
The residents’ share of the rent to be paid is decided according to their income, and increases 3.5 % every year until the monthly rent total is reached.
For more information about Prefectural Housing, please contact the Kyoto Prefectural Public Housing Corporation (075-432-2018).