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College Town Kyoto International Student Support Program

Kyoto Foreign Talent Utilization Promotion Council (Office: Kyoto Prefecture International Affairs Division) aims to support international students in enjoying safe, fulfilling, and active lifestyles as Prefectural residents. Since 2005, it has provided a specialist counselor to respond to student life concerns. This counselor makes visits to all universities and colleges in the Prefecture and holds seminars and consultation sessions for students.
Our goal is to provide many types of support depending on the varied needs of each school, so please contact us if we may be of any assistance. 


 1 Consultations at universities (Sending a counselor to each university to respond to student concerns)

2 Holding various seminars (Sending lecturers to each university)
 Seminars for international students (Career development, multicultural life, daily life, etc.)
 Seminars for faculty (How to assist with employment etc.)

3 Visits to universities (Sending a counselor to each university, providing support to staff involved)
 Advice and information on how to support students (using examples from other prefectures and universities)
 Advice and information on receiving international students (Recruiting, PR, Japanese language education etc.)
 Coordinated support for international student centers (run by international affairs departments) and career centers (run by employment departments)

※ Are you having a problem? Feeling insufficient in some area? Do you have a request? We can plan together with you to respond, in a way that fits each university’s needs and students’ needs. Feel free to contact us with any concerns.

※ We have previously received the following thoughts and opinions from universities and participating students:
・ I’ve just been assigned to the employment support department, and didn’t have enough information about international student employment, so I was very grateful to attend an information session for staff which provided helpful information for the future.
・ Hearing international students’ thoughts and examples from other universities was informative. I would be glad if you offered more opportunities to learn about support for international students at other universities.
・ I would like more concrete information on examples of student support.
・ We haven’t had information sessions for faculty until now, so I’d definitely like to have more in the future.
・ At my university there is no specialized employment support for international students, so I would like you to have more of these seminars for students in the future. (Student who participated in a seminar)

※ In Kyoto Prefecture, we aim to better grasp international student and university needs through this program to provide complete international student support.