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Kyoto Botanical Gardens



About Kyoto Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1924, Kyoto Botanical Gardens is the oldest and most comprehensive public botanical garden in Japan. With seasonal plants and various conservatories, the Gardens is ever-changing and can be enjoyed all year round. More than 450 cherry blossom trees bloom beautifully in spring and leaves of deciduous trees such as maple color exquisitely in autumn. At other times of the year, lush greenery and a wide variety of trees and flowers can be enjoyed. Kyoto Botanical Gardens is a living museum of plants that offers opportunities for both education and relaxation.

Total area: approximately 240,000 ㎡

Collection: approximately 12,000 taxa


Cherry blossom
Iris ensata/Japanese iris



Kyoto Botanical Gardenss Guide Map(PDF:395KB) /Floral calendar(PDF:182KB)


Outline of Conservatory

This conservatory is one of the largest and most impressive in Japan with a maximum height of 14.8m and a total floor area of 4,700㎡, and it displays a staggering 4,500 taxa. The conservatory is separated into eight sections, and it is possible to observe plants from various environments ranging from wet tropics to dry tropics, lowland to highland, and plants from temperate alpine environment. In addition, this conservatory offers collections of useful tropical plants, orchids and bromeliads, and opportunity to explore the nightlife of plants in the urban forest.

Total floor area :4,694.25㎡

Height : 14.8m

Plants on display: Approx. 4,500 taxa.

Completed: March 1992

Renewal: August 2013


Adansonia digitata
Epiphyllum oxypetalum


Conservatory Guide Map(PDF:710KB) /Conservatory Floral calendar(PDF:188KB)


General Information

Opening hours: 9am-5pm (Last entry at 4pm)

Opening hours of the Conservatory: 10am-4pm (Last entry at 3:30pm)

Opening hours are subject to change due to garden events.

Closed: December 28th – January 4th


  Adult High school student
Admission 200 yen 150 yen
Annual Passport 1,000 yen 750 yen

Ticket valid for the Botanical Gardens and

the Garden of Fine Arts

250 yen 200 yen


  Adult High school student
Admission to the Conservatory 200 yen 150 yen

Admission is free for children, junior high school students, senior citizens (70 years and older), and those in possessions of their physical disability handbook.

Parking: 2,550 yen (bus) / 300 yen per hour (maximum 1,200 yen) (car)



・From JR Kyoto Station, Kintetsu Railway Kyoto Station, or Hankyu Railway Karasuma Station

Take Kyoto City Subway and get off at Kitayama Station (Exit 3)

・From Keihan Railway Demachiyanagi Station

Take Kyoto City Bus #1 or any Kyoto Bus bound for “Shizuhara” or “Ichihara”, and get off at “Shokubutsuen-mae”. 5 minute walk from the bus stop.

Please use public transport to visit to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens.



Hangi-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 606-0823

TEL: 075-701-0141

email address:

Website: (Japanese)