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Infrastructure Port of Kyoto Maizuru

The base on the Sea of Japan coast for the Kansai economic region

Convenient access to Maizuru Port, Kyoto

Kyoto Maizuru Port is in an advantageous location to serve as the base of trade with foreign countries on the Japan Sea side of the Kansai economic area. Efforts are currently underway to make Maizuru Port even more accessible and increase the port’s capabilities, so that it becomes even easier for businesses to use.

In order to respond to increased demand for shipping and to accommodate larger cargo ships, the versatile "Maizuru International Terminal", nicknamed the "Mizunagi Terminal”, has been open for use since April 1st 2010, and by acting as the core of the Kyoto Prefecture Maizuru Port, continues to promote business and industry in the northern parts of the prefecture.

-Main Facilities
Pier: Water depth of 14m; lengthened to 280m
Terminal: Area of about 5.9ha
Harbor Road: About 3.6km
Gantry crane, container freight station, etc 

In order for Kyoto Prefecture and the Kansai area to take advantage of the increasing activity of those countries around the Sea of Japan, since July 2011, efforts are being made to increase the levels of economic exchange, including the strengthening of ties and the development of port sales with Dalian City in the People’s Republic of China, Pohang City in the Republic of Korea, and Nakhodka City in the Russian Federation.

In the future, as well as developing a high-speed maritime transportation route network between the Kansai economic region and the other countries on the Sea of Japan, we aim to further coordination with the other Sea of Japan ports. Furthermore we aim for the increased functionality of the port as a gateway for goods and people and, for example Sea of Japan cruises, as a result of the rapid increase in the number of tourists in Asia. With the completion of the expressay network and connecting the two land and sea network routes, we can increase the international competitiveness of the Kansai area, and promote further strategic efforts.

Furthermore, in November 2011, the port was selected as the base port on the Sea of Japan coastline for international container ships, international ferries and roll-on/roll-off ships, and ocean cruise ships.

Formerly it would take about 3 hours to travel from the Keihanshin area to Maizuru Port along national roads. However, once the Kinki Expressway Tsuruga Line and the prefecture expressway have been established in 2014, travel time from Kyoto will be only 70 minutes, and only 90 minutes from the Hanshin area.

Trade Network