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Updated:December 9, 2015

The 4th Inductees

ヴァンダナ・シヴァ Vandana Shiva

Environmental philosopher, physicist
Based on scientific knowledge, Dr. Vandana Shiva sounded the alarm about current values concerning the environment, agriculture and food, and has presented her views on how the future global environment should be, such as values and social structure based on traditional styles. She has contributed to dissemination of the ideas of coexistence with the environment and protection of the global environment.

エイモリー・B・ロビンス Amory B. Lovins

Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute
Dr. Amory B. Lovins has advocated pioneering concepts, such as "negawatt power" and "smart grids," and has contributed to the world with his innovative academic research to enhancing efficiency of energy use and converting fossil fuels into renewable energy.