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白糸酒造株式会社(京都企業紹介)Shiraito Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.


京都企業紹介(業種別) 京都企業紹介(五十音順) 京の食 京都府の産業支援情報

「日本のアニメ技術×海外作品制作」プラットフォーム “Japanese animation technology x overseas production” platform

(2024年1月22日、ものづくり振興課 足利)


Shiraito Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Miyazu City, Kyoto City) has started a new business to support the overseas expansion of Japanese anime production companies that have built networks through the creation of anime collaboration products. I'm on board.


「京都商材×アニメ」異業種交流プラットフォーム “Kyoto products x anime” cross-industry exchange platform

(2023年5月11日、ものづくり振興課 足利)



There are many companies that claim to ``support the development of sales channels by including products from other companies,'' but Shiraito Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is the only company that can develop their business around ``anime'' and ``cross-industry exchange.'' For more than 10 years, the company has been creating anime collaboration products by combining products from other companies. The creation of a platform for "Kyoto products x anime x cross-industry exchange" is finally in full swing.





異色のコラボで製品のポテンシャルを引き出す酒蔵・白糸酒造 Shiraito Sake Brewery, a sake brewery that brings out the potential of products through unique collaborations

(掲載日:平成30年3月30日、聞き手・文:ものづくり振興課 小倉・足利)


白糸酒造株式会社(外部リンク)(宮津市)の宮崎企画部長にお話をおうかがいしました。We spoke with Mr. Miyazaki, Planning Manager of Shiraito Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.  (Miyazu City).

はじまりは村おこし The beginning is village revitalization

―御社の概要について教えてください。Please give us an overview of your company.

宮崎) 弊社は、京都府宮津市江尻に事業所を構える日本酒・京菓子、工芸品などの販売ならびに企画開発を行う企業です。創業は明和4年(西暦1767年)、創業から250年を越える酒蔵で、現在従業員9名で皆様に親しまれる日本酒づくりを日々心がけています。Our company, located in Ejiri, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a company that sells Japanese sake, Kyoto sweets, and crafts, as well as plans and develops them. Founded in 1767, we are a sake brewery with over 250 years of history.Currently, we have 9 employees and are working hard every day to produce sake that is loved by everyone.

―創業250年!?その起源を伺えますか?250 years since our founding! ? Can you tell me its origin?

宮崎) 弊社が事業所を構える地区は、日本三景天橋立の西側、伊勢神宮のふるさと元伊勢籠神社の近くで、成相寺、五重塔が顕在する成相山の麓に位置しています。現在は、観光を意識した事業展開を心がけていますが、始まりは村おこしだったと聞いています。私の先祖宮崎佐平治は、代々村長を任される家系に生まれ、村人を護り、村を発展させていくことが使命だったそうです。村の主要産業は、農業でしたが、天候に左右され、飢饉に見舞われることも珍しくなかったそうです。そこで、宮崎佐平治が村人を先導し、村を挙げての酒造事業が始まったそうです。酒造は、酒米の水稲から醸造まで人手が必要となり、その酒を売れば利益が生まれるため、この酒造事業と村人の暮らしを護り、村を発展させようと舵を切ったと聞いています。The area where our company is located is located on the west side of Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, near Motoise Kago Shrine, the hometown of Ise Grand Shrine, and at the foot of Mt. Nariso, where Seisoji and the five-storied pagoda are prominent. Currently, we are trying to develop our business with tourism in mind, but I hear that it started as a village revitalization project. My ancestor Saheiji Miyazaki was born into a family that had been appointed village chief for generations, and his mission was to protect the villagers and develop the village. The village's main industry was agriculture, but it was dependent on the weather, and famine was not uncommon. It is said that Saheiji Miyazaki led the villagers to start a sake brewing business as a whole. Sake brewing requires manpower to process everything from paddy rice to brewing, and selling the sake generates a profit, so I heard that they decided to protect the sake brewing business and the lives of the villagers, and to develop the village.

酒蔵×観光×アニメ Sake brewery x tourism x anime

―どのような商品を企画されているのでしょうか? What kind of products are you planning?

宮崎) 弊社は、ビール類の卸とコラボ商品の売上げで利益を挙げています。現在、自社での醸造は行っていないのですが、アニメと日本酒、果実酒を組み合わせ、キャラクターをイメージしたパッケージや風味などのオリジナル商品を協力いただいている酒造さんと共に製造しています。Our company makes profits from beer wholesale and sales of collaborative products. Currently, we are not brewing our own products, but we are working with the sake brewers we work with to create original products, such as character-inspired packaging and flavors, by combining anime, sake, and fruit wine.


―日本酒とアニメ、面白いですね!何がきっかけだったのでしょうか?Sake and anime are so interesting! What was the trigger?

宮崎) 弊社の先代(私の父)は、当時、観光協会の会長を務めており、天橋立界隈の観光振興に携わっていました。なかなか観光客が集まらず、“どうすれば人を集められるのか?”と質問された私は、“コスプレ”だとひらめきました。私は、学生の頃から、趣味の延長で絵描きや声優、脚本製作のバイトやバンド活動を行っていました。個人的にはアニメにもとても興味があり、業界情報や関係者との繋がりを持っていました。その当時は、コスプレイベントが各地で盛り上がりを見せ始め、天橋立でもコスプレイベントを開催すれば必ず集まると確信がありました。そこで、アニメやコスプレ関連イベントの開催や企画をするため、一般社団法人GO-TAN!を立ち上げました。それを期にお酒とアニメのコラボ商品の企画・販売を本格的に始めました。Our predecessor (my father) was the chairman of the tourism association at the time and was involved in promoting tourism in the Amanohashidate area. I was having a hard time attracting tourists, and when I was asked, ``What can we do to attract people?'' I came up with the idea of ``cosplay.'' Since I was a student, as an extension of my hobbies, I have worked as a painter, voice actor, part-time scriptwriter, and played in a band. Personally, I was very interested in anime, and I was looking for industry information and connections with people involved. At that time, cosplay events were starting to become popular in various places, and I was confident that if we held a cosplay event in Amanohashidate, people would definitely gather. Therefore, in order to hold and plan anime and cosplay related events, GO-TAN, a general incorporated association! has been launched. At that time, we began planning and selling collaboration products between alcohol and anime in earnest.

―なるほど!知識や経験が商品開発に活かされているのですね!I see! Their knowledge and experience are utilized in product development!

宮崎) はい、学生の頃の経験から、アニメ業界との繋がりもできて商品企画の話を進めるのにとても役立っています。それに加え、私自身がアニメやコスプレ文化の普及したいという思いがあるので、商品開発にも熱が入ります!!Yes, because of my experiences as a student, I was able to connect with the anime industry, which has been very helpful in moving forward with product planning. In addition to that, I personally want to popularize anime and cosplay culture, so I'm also passionate about product development! !

業界通だから実現した商品開発!Product development made possible by industry experts!

―アニメとのコラボ商品と聞くと他社製品もあふれているように思うのですが、勝算あったのでしょうか?When I hear about anime collaboration products, I think there are a lot of products from other companies, but did they really have a chance of winning?

宮崎) はい、近年、成人女性のアニメ関連消費が増加しています。アニメが入り口になって、お酒の消費が狙えると考えました。また、コスプレを楽しむコスプレイヤーにもアニメコラボ商品の消費は必ずあると読んで展開しました。白糸酒造の商品展開と一般社団法人CO-TAN!の活動が相乗効果で良い結果になりました。1番の勝算は、弊社が酒蔵だったということです。アニメ業界は、菓子類のコラボ商品やフィギュア商品などが多い。そのため、菓子製造業者や樹脂加工業者との商品企画はよくあるのですが、木を使用したコラボ商品はほとんどありませんでした。弊社が酒蔵であったことで、桝や菰樽を製造する業者との繋がりがありました。そこで、木材を使用したコラボ商品を展開しました。桝や菰樽、札などにアニメキャラクターやイメージをあしらい、また、アニメの登場人物を彷彿とさせる風味のお酒とセットで販売、これらの商品の評判がとても良かったです。私自身のアニメ業界の知識も強みでしょうか(笑)。Yes, anime-related consumption among adult women has increased in recent years. We thought that anime could serve as a gateway to increase alcohol consumption. I also read that cosplayers who enjoy cosplaying will definitely consume anime collaboration products, so I developed this product. Shiraito Sake Brewery's product development and general incorporated association CO-TAN! The synergistic effects of these activities resulted in good results. The best chance of success was that our company was a sake brewery. In the anime industry, there are many collaborative confectionery products and figurine products. For this reason, although we often have product plans with confectionery manufacturers and resin processors, there have been very few collaborative products that use wood. Since our company was a sake brewery, we had connections with manufacturers of masu and barrels. Therefore, we developed collaborative products using wood. The boxes, barrels, bills, etc. are decorated with anime characters and images, and the products are sold as a set with alcoholic beverages with flavors reminiscent of anime characters.These products have received very good reviews. I guess my knowledge of the anime industry is also a strength (lol).

―アニメやコスプレと聞くと、限られた“オタク”向けの商品という印象を受けるのですが、商品の需要拡大のために工夫などされているのですが?When I hear about anime and cosplay, I get the impression that they are products for a limited number of "otaku" people, but are there any improvements being made to increase demand for the products?

宮崎) 一昔前なら、確かに限られた“オタク”向けの商売だったかもしれません。しかし、近年、アニメは老若男女に親しまれています。テレビやネットでもアニメの放送は、約2ヶ月ごとに変わっていきます。人気漫画のアニメ化や実写映画化も増え、多くの人に親しまれているので、お客様の数が少ないという意識はありません。私が気をつけているとことは、いかに商品企画から市場投入を短期間で行えるか、いかにタイムリーなタイミングで商品展開できるか、ということです。A few years ago, it may have been a business aimed at a limited number of otakus. However, in recent years, anime has become popular among people of all ages. Anime broadcasts on TV and online change about every two months. The number of anime and live-action movie adaptations of popular manga is increasing, and many people are familiar with them, so we don't feel like we have a small number of customers. What I am careful about is how we can go from product planning to market launch in a short period of time, and how we can roll out products in a timely manner.

―時間勝負ということですね?Does that mean it's a race against time?

宮崎) そうですね。メディアの影響力は大きいですから、世間で盛り上がっているタイミングやテレビ・ネットで配信されているタイミングで商品展開することが大切です。1ヶ月に最低1度の商品更新を心がけています。I agree. Since the media has a great influence, it is important to introduce products at a time when they are popular in the public eye or when they are being broadcast on TV or the internet. We try to update our products at least once a month.

―それを実現できる秘訣はなんですか?What is the secret to achieving this?

宮崎) アニメ製作業者様や出版社様と築き上げた信頼、これまでに製作してきた実績の賜物でしょうか(笑)。これまでに、50作品500アイテムを越える商品を企画・販売してきました。その経験も活かされていると思います!I guess it's because of the trust we've built up with anime producers and publishers, and the results we've produced so far (lol). To date, we have planned and sold over 50 products and over 500 items. I think that experience is also being put to good use!

―最後に今後の展望について教えていただけますか。Lastly, could you tell us about your future prospects?

宮崎) アニメ業界は、酒や木材加工の知識がないので、弊社に蓄積している技術、実績を活かして、商品展開していきたいと考えています。これまでに実績のない企業様との商品開発を進め、展開範囲の拡大を模索しています。現在、海外への展開はできておらず、外国人旅行者などに750cc瓶を機内に持ち込んでいただき、土産として購入いただいています。今後は、輸出できるよう体制を整えたいと思っています。これまであった京都市内の店舗を閉鎖して、2018年の夏に京都市内の別の場所へ新店舗を開店させる予定にしており、新たな拠点として事業展開を計画しています。The anime industry doesn't have much knowledge about alcohol or wood processing, so we would like to utilize the technology and experience we have accumulated to develop our products. We are proceeding with product development with companies with which we have no prior experience and are looking to expand the range of our products. Currently, we have not been able to expand our product overseas, and we are asking foreign travelers to bring 750cc bottles on board their flights and purchase them as souvenirs. In the future, I would like to set up a system for export. We are planning to close our previous store in Kyoto City and open a new store in a different location within Kyoto City in the summer of 2018, and plan to develop our business as a new base.